Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Luck by Design

Luck. Some have It, some don't. At least it appears that way. Richie Goldman has often been told that he's lucky. And so it seems.

Soon after he graduated from college, he invested, against all advice, in an unknown company with one store and a hand-lettered sign, but that investment--plus twenty-nine years hard work--enabled him to retire early and live what he calls a dream life.

Dumb luck? How about some luck! Goldman knows that luck is something you create for yourself, with hard work, determination, good timing, and trust in yourself and your inner voice.

Goldman highlights some of what the Baby Boomers have done and what they haven't done. Their actions and inaction's have created problems at home and across the globe--there are a lot of problems and a lot of work ahead. Can the problems be solved? Is planning a life insurmountable? Not once you read Luck by Design--and learn how to design luck into your life.

This book is all about helping you how to simply create your own luck, by design.

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