Monday, May 24, 2010

Imperfect Control

In her wise and perceptive new book, Imperfect Control, she shows us how our sense of self and all our important relationships are colored by our struggles over control: over wanting it and taking it, loving it and fearing it, and figuring out when the time has come to surrender it.

Drawing on the work of biological and social scientists, psychoanalysts, and philosophers, and interweaving fiction and poetry and personal stories, including some of her own, Viorst compellingly argues that we are constantly dealing with issues of control: As children and parents. As lovers and workers. As victims and survivors. As moral-and-mortal-human beings.

While Viorst believes that the most of us want some degree of control over ourselves, over others, and over the events with which we’re involved, she never lets us forget that even the most committed controllers must accept that they have only imperfect control.

This book shows us how our lives can be shaped by our actions and our choices. It reminds us too that we should sometimes choose to let go. And encourages us to find our own best balance between power and surrender.

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